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Dr. Fauci and the Wayward Deer


The quest for a vaccine against all viruses created a Pythonesque tragedy of errors.

We’ve all been reading about how COVID is “rampant” among American deer. How they have “stunning” rates of COVID. Absolutely “shockingly high” rates of COVID !

According to one study, SARS-CoV-2 antibodies were detected in one sample of infected American deer was collected before January 2020. The virus had spread throughout the wild deer population in 2020.

But when asked “How did this happen?” the ‘expert’ response is always a variant of “I dunno.”

Oh, deer, it’s not surprising that they don’t want to talk — their NIH funding and the whole COVID narrative depends on their silence. According to the CDC, COVID didn’t arrive in the US before mid-January 2020. What was the point of lockdowns and social distancing if the COVID had already spread nationwide?

If COVID only spread through close indoor contact, why were wild deer more infected that city-dwelling humans? Did the deer fail to mask? Should they have locked down harder?

I’d wondered about these deer for a while. Then I found out about the virology’s Holy Grail, the quest for a vaccine to cure all ills. A vaccine you can’t refuse. A self spreading vaccine.

I read a little more about self spreading vaccines and — oh — my — God.

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