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Cleaning Out My Illustrations Folder

  A comic about a Repo Lady I worked on years ago with Dean Esmay (he wrote it, I did the sketches)

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Morning Yoga

I don’t always do this, but it looks like a good routine –

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J. Robert Oppenheimer talks about the Manhattan Project

Doing research for my book, tentatively titled “Bye, Bye Blackbird”. Oddly enough, he sounds kind of like Mr. Rogers Groueff: After the discussion with Lawrence. Was that [Mark] Oliphant? Oppenheimer: You will have to provide the name because I will … Continue reading

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Red Planet Plans

Mars : Plans in the Works NASA is taking a multistep approach to its ultimate goal of putting boots on Mars. The journey begins in low Earth orbit aboard the International Space Station (ISS), which has hosted rotating crews continuously … Continue reading

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What’s Under the Surface of Europa?

Via Weekly Space News It’s long been suggested that Europa has an ocean underneath all of its ice. If there is water sprouting onto its surface, that could mean that not only is there an ocean, but also that the … Continue reading

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